About us

About Us

Mind can only be purified by knowing self.

Self can be realized by many ways. 

All the people can get enlightened. So our purpose is to establish an enlightened society under the guidance of an enlightened master by his own experiences on the path of spirituality and self-realization. 

We obey the principles of Jeevan Sarvopari 

1) Truth on Tongue

"Practice what you preach"

Once one starts practicing truth, all their life comes back on the track and soon realizes self and gets enlightened. Truth cannot be put aside on the path of spirituality and seld realization. 

2) Anger free Heart

"Their angle is different"

Anger in the heart pushes one on the wrong path. One has to keep it free from all emotional attacks and traps. Anger free heart realizes self by its own grace the doors are opened from within those are closed due to our own self-created thoughts due to frustration. 

3) Trust on Self

"The only place you can put your trust on"

All the places where we put our trust on change due to time, peace, person, materialistic things and various total opposite situations occurred in life without discussing. Once one puts trust on self it never changes without discussing that makes us satisfied forever. 

4) Satisfied Life

"By accepting the fruit of self-deeds"

Life must be satisfied all the times. There is no time that comes from far. Every next moment gets birth by the moment we have in hand. Our own hands are responsible for the next moment that is the result of our own deeds in the previous moment that just left behind.